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It can take a lot of work when trying to choose the best bass headphones or even the best electrical product to purchase. There are a list of variables that must all be taken into consideration when reviewing you production and deciding on whether or not to buy it.The main important factors when looking into buying bass headphones are -Technical SpecificationsDurabilityAestheticsPriceAccessories/FeaturesComfortTechnical SpecificationsFirst off lets start with one of the most important variable from our list. This is what makes your product. It decides on how good the quality of it may be. A factor to remember about this is that certain headphones may come with specific or exclusive features that some headphones may not support. What I like to do is to try and Google search certain specifications to see if I can learn more about them. Some headphone descriptions aren't full of enough information to satisfy my need to buy the product. So it's always good to know that little but more.Try and compare certain features/technological advancements with this information. For example if you like your music bassy, then try comparing the EQ technology to see which one would provide the best quality for the genre of music you are aiming for.When looking for the best noise cancelling headphones look for features such as ear padding used or technical vents located on the ear pads which help with the sound flow.DurabilityYou need these headphones to last you a good time. Especially with the price that is attached to your brand. You will find this information mostly in the customer comments as they will have had time to test out these headphones. Don't take the manufacturers word for it. Get some real experiences! Also look out for Akaso dl2 dash cam , these are a great addition to help protect your headphones when you're not using them.AestheticsThis should really be the least of your worries. Although it is good to have nice looking products, it may not always be the main focal point. Even if they look plain but have better specifications than the other sleeker looking designs, then go with these. Also certain brands come with different designs, which with added materials and look, can have an impact on the price you may be paying!PriceI always say the cheaper the better. But what's cheaper can also be lacking, they may sound bad and not last as long a more expensive headphones. It's good to splash out, as if you are paying more money then you expect a top quality product. Sometimes its worth it to spend that little bit extra to save any more spending in the future. Also look for 30 day trial periods, or money back guarantee's, you could return what you buy if they do not turn out to the product you were after and save yourself a lot of money!Accessories/FeaturesAlthough this shouldn't be looked at in great detail as well. It is always nice to note if your product comes with any special accessories or extra features that come with the headphones, for example airplane adapters or in-line control buttons. Sometimes the little extras can make a product worth buying!ComfortLast but not least is the comfort. If you are like me then you constantly are listening to music for long periods of time, whether it be on a computer or travelling the world. Music helps to pass the time. So look out for the extra padding that may come with the headphone, memory foam ear pads which keep your ears from feeling sore after long periods of use.So there you have it, some of the most important variables I think are an essential to help you choose the best bass headphones to purchase.Thanks for reading!