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Coming up with is a lot easier than designing something completely graphic like a poster. It is also easier than programming as there are web page design tools making it easier to make a website over completely from scratch. This web design tutorial provides you with a little summary of these types of programs and also some general information about how to work with these programs.• Secure Socket Layer (SSL):Sensitive data can be compromised to your hacker sneaking in the network involving the customer's computer and shopping portal. By using seo india - seohawk (SSL) on the website, you can encrypt the information flow in the network. Whenever the browser requests a SSL secured page, an encryption key is passed synchronously from the two sender's and receiver's end. SSL certificates are given by agencies recognized by the government for the exact purpose. If search engine optimization , an alert is distributed to the make use of a variety of tools. The technologies employed for creating websites include standardized mark-up that could be hand coded or generated by WYSIWYG editing software. And then there is proprietary software that's determined by plug-ins; these bypass the client's browsers version and so are often WYSIWYG but with a choice of while using the software's scripting language. Search engine optimization can also be another great tool of web design and design. It has gained quite a lot of notoriety over the last number of years because of its power and usefulness.• Strict password rules:No matter how strong your website's defences could possibly be, they cannot protect you from identity fraud or fraud if their passwords are easily crack-able. One way to avoid this can be by making use of strict password rules to your website users. What SEO services India is that, users creating accounts on the website really should have to follow a set of guidelines while setting their passwords. This could include compulsory use of special characters or numbers in passwords, the very least password length, restriction for same user name and password, etc. Apart from such rules, you can also impose restrictions on maximum number of login attempts, and enquire of users to alter their passwords from a fixed time frame.It is also essential that you can be aware that the application of flash animations is a double-edged sword. While it does help in enticing the eye of shoppers, which is not it could increase the loading period of the web site with a considerable extent. To maintain the best balance, it is important to integrate the animated elements in the concept of web page design and invite these to complement information rather than to compete for attention. The website designer, entrusted with the task of designing your site, also need to integrate proven techniques of website marketing to the designing and development process so that the site can be assured of targeted traffic and generate leads once it is made live.