Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


The website works in accordance with the Data Protection Legislations while protecting the privacy of a user or ad poster. The Personal Data and other sensitive information we acquire are kept with the most delicacy.


The Privacy Policy and the Terms and Conditions are strictly followed by the people behind the website keeping your data details safe and secure.


However, keep a note, the Offeror User you are communicating with using their data on the website is typically published by her. The website company has no responsibility for that data or how is it presented by the ad poster. In this type of situation, the Offeror User themselves become the data controllers. The company has no control or responsibility for such information in anyone’s hands.


Information The Site Collects

  1. Offeror Users’ information while publishing their advertisements or profiles on the site is kept secured specifically while completing the ad post or profile creation
  2. The data of the Recipient Users are also kept safe while they browse the site and while contacting an Offeror User.
  3. The email addresses of the Offeror Users wishing to post an ad or create their profiles on the site are retained in our servers with security.
  4. On the other hand, the email addresses of the Recipient Users while browsing the site and contacting the Offeror Users are also secured by the company servers.
  5. Other details that the website collects are kept limited as the Offeror User submits them with consent while posting an ad or creating a profile. They can also choose to skip the process of information submission as well.


The information of the ad poster or profile creator is engaged only when

  1. The function or activity of the site is lawful; or
  2. It is found necessary to keep sensitive personal data for some acute purpose


The contract between the website and the ad poster will be taken as a legal document during the data collection and will be used in cases related to optional information as submitted by the Offeror User. They will get the full choice of making that information as per their wish. In the case of Recipient Users, the consent will work as a legitimate function in collecting, accessing, and processing the data. The legal way will also respect the rights and freedom of the data subjects to deal with business administration, fraud prevention, and compliance.